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News Update!

8 February 2019


We've had to reschedule our last two events of the year: Primary 3 and the Leinster Schools Champs. All details are on our Events page CLICK HERE.

30 January 2019

Results of today's event on a magnificent winter's day in Ardgillan Castle are now posted HERE


29 January 2019

The Startlist has now been uploaded to our website: HERE.

The Final Details and Schools Lists are now available on our website: HERE. The Startlist will be uploaded as soon as it's finished.

28 January 2019

wheres_north route_decisions

The results of our rescheduled primary schools event in Corkagh Park last Wednesday have now been posted. You can check them out HERE

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21 January 2019

Our rescheduled second primary league event is taking place this Wednesday. Final Details, Startlist and Schools Lists are on our website: HERE.

06 December 2018

A huge crowd yesterday for our post primary event in Corkagh Park. Thankfully, the rain that was forecasted more or less held off and we even had some sunshine. Check out all the results HERE and more photos on Lindie's flickr.

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03 December 2018

The Final Details, Startlist and Schools Lists have now been posted on the website for our post primary league event which takes place this coming Wednesday. Hopefully, the weather will be kinder to them than the primary schools who had their event cancelled. You can have a look at them HERE.

20 November 2018


Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our primary schools event, which was to be held tomorrow, 21 November, in Corkagh Park. This is because of the Status Yellow weather warning issued by Met Eireann for Dublin and other Leinster counties. Hopefully we can reschedule the event for a date in the not too distant future.

18 November 2018

Our second primary league event is this coming Wednesday. Final Details, Startlist and Schools Lists have now been posted and you can have a look at them HERE.


24 October 2018

Lots of first timers today at the first post primary league event in Malahide Demesne. Results are now up on our website HERE


21 October 2018


The post primary schools have their first league event in Malahide Demesne this Wednesday, 24 October and orienteering is certainly knocking the socks off Castleknock Community College, with 162 students entering. Final Details, Startlist and Schools Lists have now been uploaded and you can have a look at them on the Post Primary 1 page HERE.

17 October 2018

The Irish Special Schools enjoyed their outing today in Santry Demesne, with many schools from as far as Dundalk, Portlaoise, Carlow, and Mullingar making the journey to the event. Lots of happy faces heading home. You can see all the results HERE.

16 October 2018

Looking forward to tomorrow's Orienteering Day for the Irish Special Schools in Santry Demesne. All the Final Details, Startlist, and Teacher's Lists are up on the website HERE. Just click on their buttons at the top of the page.


10 October 2018

A great turnout today for our Primary 1 event in Malahide Demesne and on such a beautiful day too. There was great excitement at the Start, with most schools wanting to start early. So lots of excited people. Check out all the results HERE.

3 October 2018

Our first event of the season is a primary schools event in Malahide Demesne next Wednesday, 10 October and we have a large entry for this. Final Details, Startlist and Schools Lists have now been uploaded and you can have a look at them on the Primary 1 page HERE.


end August 2018

Welcome Back Everyone!
Another year of adventure in Orienteering. Have a look at our Events page HERE and see what we have planned for you this year. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

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